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Sports Field Turf Maintenance

When it comes to artificial turf performance and safety, the most important aspect for your field is the infill.

Whereby turf fibers are directly related to the aesthetics of the field, the infill – which is spread between the fibers – delivers what the athlete needs; Softness on impact and the correct firmness and cleat-release for ultimate performance.

Turf Maitenance

Line and Logo Removal

Our equipment meets the needs of field managers who don’t just want paint washed into the infill – they wanted it removed entirely. Our machines gently scrub turf fibers using pressurized water and hydraulic-driven brushes. Dirt, paint, and wastewater is removed using our unique vacuum bar and built-in vacuum. The infill remains in-place.

Our removers are specially formulated to remove paints from synthetic sports fields without damage to the field

Crumb Rubber Maintenance

Installed in over 10,000 fields worldwide, crumb rubber infill systems have proven to give superior safety and durability performance over other products. Crumb rubber requires little maintenance. We can groom compacted areas or entire fields, and has shown to last more than one field life cycle with no or little loss of performance.

Make Sports Field Solutions part of your team.

We are experts in football, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, field hockey, and cricket field lining and turf maintenance.

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